See below for some of the most commonly asked questions about our products and services. If you don't find the answer to your query, please contact us.

Our Services

As New Zealand's largest, and leading Pallet and Crate recycling company we aim to meet our customers needs by providing a full and comprehensive packaging service ranging from new to recycled pallets and crates all the meanwhile staying sincere to our founding green initiatives. A true environmentally, and economically friendly solution.

The services we are happy to provide include but are not limited to the following:

  • Manufacturing a complete range of New and Recycled Pallets, Crates.
  • Recycling of wood and plastic pallets, and crates.
  • Repairing , and Disassembly of damaged pallets.
  • Provision of Raw, and cut length timber and Dunnage.
  • Plywood, Tri Board, and MDF boards.
  • Supplies of Blocks, and Wedges, or any other timber components.
  • Wood Chip , Mulch, and Sawdust.

Please Contact Us with any queries or questions concerning any of the above services or others not mentioned.

Furthermore please inspect our specialized services detailed below.


Remaning concerns pallets which are damaged beyond reasonable repair, they are :

  • Collected by us or Delivered to the premises of The Pallet Warehouse
  • Graded into groups, and dissasembled.
  • Reassembled to the customers needs , and specifications.
  • Transported back to the customer's site.


By signing up to this service any Pallets belonging to our customers are:

  • Recovered from the wood waste steam being processed at the living landfill in Papakura.
  • The pallets are then sorted, repaired and delivered back to the customer.

    Asset Location

    By Utilizing our Free phone 0508 PALLET Recovery service, holders of our customers pallets gain the initiative to:
  • Begin an easy, no cost method of identifying the rightful owner via direction from The Pallet Warehouse.
  • Alternatively the holder may request a free of charge collection and waste removal; whereby used pallets are collected by us, and transported to the living landfill for processing and recycling to be used again, and again. A true Green alternative to an otherwise wasteful process.

    Do we make new pallets?

    Most Certainly. We understand that in some situations for example due to health and safety concerns etc, recycled pallets would not be appropriate hence:

  • Our factory is fully equipped to manufacture any size or style of pallet or crate, quickly and to the highest standards, at very competitive pricing.

  • We work alongside our customers utilizing our constantly up to date hardware and software, to design a pallet or crate to meet their exact needs and keep costs to a minimum.
  • Backed by a working staff with over a decade of experience .

How much cheaper is a recycled pallet?

Savings vary depending on volumes we have available , and on the demand from other customers. But on average recycled pallet customers save between 80% to a minimum of 25% as compared to purchasing a new pallet.

How long will a recycled pallet last?

Life expectancy of a recycled pallet is predicted to be equal to that of a new pallet. The life of the pallet ultimately depends on its usage, and how the customer utilizes them. The pallet warehouse will rework a recycled pallet , strengthening it to our customers requirements to meet a target life expectancy.

Can we provide our services alongside other suppliers?

We at the Pallet Warehouse would be happy to work along side other suppliers to ensure our customers receive the best value, and to maximize the return of their pallets to be used again. Once a working relationship between us, our customers, and a new pallet manufacturer has been established the savings will be ongoing, and effortless.

Do we have a recycled Pallet for racking?

Yes. We have a wide range of pallets available for racking, and have been providing many long existing customers with such pallets. Our variety of options , and our willingness to meet our customers needs ensures we match their requirements, and their budget.

Can we supply cheap one way pallets?

We carry large volumes of one way dispatch pallets. Pricing depends on location if delivery is required, and on the volumes needed. We make every attempt to meet a competitive, and affordable price.