Products List

If you need a dependable and affordable source of quality used and re-manufactured pallets be sure to contact us

We manufacture and supply pallets to suit all your requirements.

See a small list of our more commonly supplied products.  


Recycled Pallets


  • Cost Effective.
  • Come in all standard sizes.
  • Graded, and Repaired to Spec.
  • Export Certified.

New Pallets


  • Custom Made
  • Any Order Volume, Small and Large Accepted
  • IPPC Approved
  • Export Certified

New, and Recycled Crates


  • New Crates Made to Order.
  • Hundreds of Recycled Crates
  • Ready for Delivery.
  • Built or Repaired to Customer Requirements.


Timber and Dunnage


  • We Sell Direct To Public
  • Competitive Wholesale Pricing
  • Cut to required length
  • Able to provide components, and Dunnage

Tri/MDF/Bond Boards, and Plywood


  • Whole Sale Prices
  • Cut to Size
  • MDF, Plywoods, Triboards, Bond Boards etc

Plastic Pallets


  • Thousands of Recycled Plastic Pallets in Stock
  •  All Standard Sizes Available
  • All Clean, and Ready for Use

The Diagram Below Indicates the Specific Areas Which Are Used to Create and Maintain a "World Class' Pallet.


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